From Bossa Nova to a taste of French chansons to old Cuban and argentinian flavors, Rosita Kèss finds the thread, weaving her honeyed alto through four languages in eleven original songs on this tuneful international album recorded in New Orleans. 

Originally from Venice, Italy, Rosita Kèss’ gypsy aura led her to Berlin, Paris, Barçelona and London before finding a groove in New York and spending two years writing songs and making a new record in New Orleans . “ I love living in a constant state of motion and I think my music refects this. I have a little Argentinian blood and the very first compositions I fell in love with were old recording by Mercedes Soza and Ariel Ramirez that my grandmother used to play in the house. I’ve always felt particularly sentimental listening to Tango; it ‘s the music of the immigrants, it reflects their profound sense of loss and longing for the people and places they left behind. It was born in African-Argentinian dance venues where Polkas, Mazurkas, Waltzes were mixed with the popular Habanera from Cuba and the Candombe rhythms from Africa. These are the major influences in my music.” 

Producer Brad Jones says about her : “I loved working with Rosita. She has a deep and mysterious musicality.  Her voice and songs seem to be coming from another place and time. Timeless , yet totally present.  The thing I liked most about working with her was her unapologetic sense of pleasure.  If something felt good to her, no more discussion was needed!   She is a smart woman, who never let her smarts get in the way.”

Clark Gayton (Bruce Springsteen trombone player) says about Rosita: “ A wonderful musician, her music is beautiful, sexy and romantic. One thing that stands out to me is her delivery.Patient, and at the same time confident, while remaining supremely feminine. “

Rosita moved from Europe to NYC in 2007 to study jazz and she soon she put together a band with some of the most well respected musicians in NYC and started performing in clubs in Manhattan. A few years later she met the singer-songwriter Richard Julian . They soon started to collaborate and together they moved to New Orleans for two years.  “ I immediately fell in love with Richard’s vision of the world reflected in his writing. A mix of poetry, romanticism,  humor , sarcasm.” In New Orleans, 4 months pregnant Rosita has made her third record, produced by Brad Jones, it features Jon Cleary, Andrew Borger and some other New Orleans luminaires. The record called F.L.O.Y.D (acronym of For Love Of Your Desire ).Rosita has already released two records. “Almost…me” recorded in Berlin and Hannover and released in 2007. And “Northern Sky” , recorded in NY, produced by Richard Julian (Norah Jones, The Little Willies) and Jesse Murphy (Brazilian Girls, John Scofield) released in 2011. “Norther Sky” features Beth Hirsch (of the band AIR) and brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco (Thom Yorke, David Byrne).